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Southern Colorado Insurance Center Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

How to Adequately Insure Your Restaurant

When you run a restaurant, you need to protect it in case of emergency, but this goes further than just protecting against natural disasters. You'll also need to protect your food and other supplies, as well as your...

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What You Need To Know About Insurance For Colorado Restaurants

Colorado Springs is a vibrant community. Starting out as smaller city not too far back, Colorado Springs is now home to approximately 674,000 people. With the growing population the city has also been expanding from an...

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Food Spoilage Insurance for Colorado Restaurants

Do you own a restaurant or other food service in the state of Colorado? If so, you already recognize that food spoilage can become a huge liability in your line of work. Whether you operate a catering company, own a...

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Identity Theft Protection for Colorado Restaurants and Bars

According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 17.6 million people nationwide became victims of identity theft in 2014. This indicates an increase of 1 million victims over 2012 statistics. (Source: https://www.bjs....

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Colorado Liquor Liability

If you own and operate a bar, lounge, tavern or restaurant where alcohol is served in the state of Colorado, you need to understand your responsibilities when it comes to liquor liability. Although it’s always a good,...

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