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Things You Need to Know About Colorado Auto Repair Liability

No repair is simple these days. As a Colorado mechanic, you need to know your way around a wide variety of engines. You might specialize in working with a specific make of vehicle, or you might be well-versed in basic repairs for anything on wheels. Whatever the size or scope of your Colorado auto shop, you need to have a good liability insurance package in place in order to ensure that you can continue doing the work you love. Don’t let a costly disaster, mistake or misunderstanding destroy all you’ve worked to build.

Vehicles on Your Property

While a customer’s vehicle is in your care, you can be held liable for what happens to it. What if your customer’s BMW is stolen out of your garage some evening and found totaled on a mountain road the next day? What if a customer claims you stole something from a vehicle that was towed to your lot? Both small and large claims like this should be covered by your commercial insurance package.

Mechanics Professional Liability

What if you or one of your workers makes a mistake while working on a customer’s vehicle? What if that mistake causes an accident? With a professional liability insurance policy tailored to fit your Colorado auto repair business, you can avoid what might otherwise be a crippling loss due to human error. Everybody makes mistakes. No one should suffer lasting consequences just for being human.

In life and in business, the unexpected happens. Successful people prepare ahead of time, and at Southern Colorado Insurance Center, our job is to help you be successful by helping you plan ahead. To learn more about insurance and risk-management packages available for your Colorado repair shop, call 719-329-4441 today. Let’s work together to reach the summit of success.


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