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Window Insulation Isn’t Just for Winter

We all know that we should insulate our windows and doors in the fall in preparation for winter. However, a lot of people have started insulating their windows and doors in the spring time as well to help keep not only the hot air out, but also those sneaky insects.

Here are some easy ways to check to see if your windows need insulating.

  • The 80’s Hair-Band Method – Get a hair dryer and a lighter. Have a friend blow the hair dryer around the edges of each window from outside the house. Hold the lighter where your friend is blowing the hair dryer. If the flames blows in an area around the window, you have a leak.
  • Is there a draft in here? Method – Using the back of your hand, move it around the edge of all of your windows, doors, outlets and feel the walls near these edges. If they are a cooler temperature than other areas or if you can feel a breeze with your windows and doors closed all the way, you have a leak.

If you have a leak, here are some ways you can fix them.

  • Use bubble wrap around the edges of your windows. It doesn’t look the best but it can help on cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter.
  • Insert a foam insulating plate behind your outlets (only after having turned them off!!!) to decrease any air flows through those cuts in the wall.
  • Caulk any loose or weathered caulking around your window or doors to ensure the seal stays sealed.
  • If you do not want to re-caulk everything in your house, you can also use weather stripping as a temporary seal.
  • Decorate your window with shutters or shades (cell shades provide the best insulation).
  • Look into applying high-reflectivity film to your windows. This reflects light back outwards so your house stays cooler in the summer. It is easy to apply and helps your house cool itself.
  • Replace your windows with energy efficient windows. This is a costly solution but worth it in the long run. In addition, there may be a tax credit in it for you!

We are all looking for ways to save money and insulation is a great way to save some money in the long run. Not only does this help you save some of the money in your wallet, but it also can help with big-picture things like safety of the home and insurance.

We at Southern Colorado Insurance Center are always looking for tips and tricks to help you and your family live the best and the safest. Some things are better done yourself, but some are better done by a professional. Southern Colorado Insurance Center is always working hard to find you the best policy to cover you appropriately and get you the best price. To see what Southern Colorado Insurance Center can do for you, give Debbie a call at (719) 329-4441 or email her at youarefirst [at] scicteam [dot] com.


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