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What Does Your Report Say?

An article written by the Insurance Journal early last year stated that 1 in 20 credit reports had errors in it. That's right...your credit report may contain some errors! What does this mean? Well, if you don't...

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Window Insulation Isn’t Just for Winter

We all know that we should insulate our windows and doors in the fall in preparation for winter. However, a lot of people have started insulating their windows and doors in the spring time as well to help keep not only...

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Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

Colorado Springs has been repeatedly named one of the most active cities in the nation. We have events, exercise activities and lots of local stores that help to add to this title we proudly carry. As we get further in...

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Do You Need International Car Insurance?

With summer coming up on all of us so quickly, some of you might be planning your family vacations already. Kudos for you for planning ahead! Vacations can be expensive and starting a budget plan early in the year can...

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Budget Lessons for Kids and Adults Alike

There are numerous lessons that you can teach your kids using everyday actions. It may not be the fastest thing to do but they will retain the lessons much better if they have an associated event or memory to attribute...

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Cash or Credit?

There is a debate of how you should pay your monthly insurance premiums. Some say they prefer using credit cards, some say they prefer a check or schedule a withdrawal from their bank accounts. There are pros and cons...

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Another Bonus to Monitoring Your Driving Habits

We have all seen the commercials with the spokesperson trying to influence others to try a little white click-in box to monitor your driving habits. These boxes are becoming more and more popular with some Auto...

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Spring Time Means Local Wildlife

Spring has sprung! Yesterday was the first day of Spring and here in Colorado Springs that means that the wildlife has already started to explore the area. These animals include: bears, mountain lions, foxes, snakes,...

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Insurance Information Useful to All

Insurance can be a complicated thing to figure out, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. We at Southern Colorado Insurance Center work to make things easier for you by finding you the best fitting policies...

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What’s Your Rank?

Choosing a college should depend on more than just tuition. Don’t get me wrong, tuition is a major aspect of college, especially if you are helping put your child through it. However, there are a lot more things to...

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What is Med-Pay?

If you are not familiar with insurance terms or the vast complexity of all of the different areas and parts of insurance policies, you may not know what Med-Pay is. Med-Pay is actually very important, especially with...

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The Growing Threat of Cyber Criminals

As mentioned in our post on identity protection, a lot of businesses in the year of 2013 were forced to make public statements that large numbers of customer's personal information had been obtained through the...

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