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Southern Colorado Insurance Center Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

What to Do If Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Is Canceled Due to Claims

Many insurance companies will elect to cancel your homeowners insurance policy if you make too many claims within a specified amount of time, which can vary from insurer to insurer. In most cases, you can't control when...

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When Driving Takes a Sinister Turn

It may surprise some that the term "sinister" is actually Latin for the direction "left." However, over the ages, and to the chagrin of roughly 10% of the world's population who are left-handed, the word has come to...

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How to Ride Your Motorcycle Safely in a Group

Group riding is a favorite activity among many motorcycle riders. Whether you’re part of a riding club, a social event, a charity ride, or out for a leisurely cruise with friends, group riding can be a rewarding way to...

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Enhance Your Homeowners Insurance Policy with Essential Add-Ons

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you in case something happens to your home, like if it is damaged in a fire or storm. It will also protect you if someone is injured while on your property, covering their...

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Everything You Need to Know about Percentage Deductibles

Most insurance policies, including homeowners insurance, come with what is known as a deductible. When you make a claim, the deductible is the amount you'll have to pay out-of-pocket before your policy kicks in. While...

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The Difference Between Flat and Percentage Deductibles

If you have any type of insurance policy, you are likely familiar with the term, "deductible." This is the amount that you will have to pay when you file a claim before your policy will take over. While many types of...

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