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Have a Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday is only a couple days away! If you have plans to throw a party or an Easter egg hunt for the kids, here are a few ideas to guide you in the right direction.

To add some additional fun to your egg hunt:

  • Decorate the plastic eggs with string, colored rubber bands, or thin strips of colored tape.
  • Instead of candy in the middle, add pieces of a puzzle (number of pieces relative to the age of the children who will be doing the hunt) and have the kids put the puzzle together when the hunt is over.
  • Add letters to the center of the plastic eggs and have the children try to find the eggs they need to spell their name.
  • If you have older children, they will probably complain about participating in a child’s egg hunt, so ask them what they would want to do instead. You can suggest a scavenger hunt, codes and puzzles, and other more complex things to reach their age level.
  • Instead of relying on candy to motivate your child’s excitement level, plan some activities to do with your children to have them make their own creative Easter snacks, crafts, and ways to spend their holiday.

Safety Tips:

  • If you are planning on using real eggs to do the hunt or to die, make sure you follow all the safety guidelines when working with eggs and food items. Make sure you cook them thoroughly, don’t eat them after they have been used in hunts and non-food safe dies, and all other guidelines with eggs and food bacteria. Here is an article that describes these in more detail.
  • Avoid small toys and hard candies when working with little children. Choking hazards are numerous when it comes to a child, let alone a bunch of them in search of candy! To see ways in which you can avoid these concerns, see our article on holiday dangers.
  • Fake grass is not only a disaster when it falls out of your child’s basket, but it also can be hard to digest if swallowed. Try avoiding this by using a cloth liner for the baskets or using a fabric basket.


We at Southern Colorado Insurance Center want to wish you all a very happy Easter!


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