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Have a Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday is only a couple days away! If you have plans to throw a party or an Easter egg hunt for the kids, here are a few ideas to guide you in the right direction. To add some additional fun to your egg hunt:...

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Awareness of Holiday Dangers

It's April already! That means that the warm weather and holidays are headed our way. With Easter coming up and Memorial Day after that, we can only imagine what fun plans and BBQ's you are planning for your family!...

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Don't Rely on Luck!

Check out these facts about Colorado residents on St. Patrick's Day! In 2012, there were 424 arrests and four deaths throughout the state of Colorado because of drunk driving on St. Patrick's Day alone The cost of a cab...

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Exceed the Expectations (Or at Least Be Ready For Them)

Valentine's Day is approaching quicker than anyone is willing to admit. Hopefully you and your significant other have some special plans (or surprises) in the works for each other. We at Southern Colorado Insurance...

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