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Southern Colorado Insurance Center Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Things Every E-Cig Retailer Needs to Know About Insurance

Vaping is big in Colorado. Whether you’ve been blowing smoke for years or just got into the E-cig retail game, you’re likely to make good money with a vape shop. But like every venture, owning and operating a Colorado E-...

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Insuring Your Colorado Cannabis Shop

Sure, it’s dope to earn a little extra green selling grass, but what do you need to do to protect yourself, your business and your customer base? It never hurts to get some advice from your local insurance company....

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Insuring Your Colorado Private Practice

The road to success in private practice can be as steep and winding as a Colorado mountain pass. You’ve completed years of higher education in order qualify for this position. You’ve passed clinicals and done your...

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Things You Need to Know About Colorado Auto Repair Liability

No repair is simple these days. As a Colorado mechanic, you need to know your way around a wide variety of engines. You might specialize in working with a specific make of vehicle, or you might be well-versed in basic...

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Employment Liability Issues in the Colorado Oil and Gas Industry

Employers in every industry in Colorado face employment liability issues. Today, with the controversy and political upheaval surrounding drilling in the Centennial State, employers in the oil and gas industry need to be...

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Lightning Damage and Protection

Lightning damage and protection By: Mike Huss, Loss Control Supervisor Lightning damage is a costly and frequent occurrence. According to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), lightning accounts for more than $1 billion...

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Hail Damage and Protection

Hail damage and protection By: Mike Huss, Loss Control Supervisor Most areas of the country experience hail storms that can cause significant damage to rooftop equipment, severely disrupting your business and costing...

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Windstorm Damage and Protection

Windstorm damage and protection By: Mike Huss, Loss Control Supervisor High velocity winds can damage your business property, including your vehicles, in a matter of minutes. After all, it's impossible to predict the...

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Heat Illness

Heat illness – What you need to know By: Mike Huss, Loss Control Supervisor Per Cal/OSHA, heat stroke, the most serious health problem for workers in hot environments, is caused by the failure of the body’s internal...

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