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Professional Liability Insurance Coverage for Engineers

Engineers, architects, and other design professionals often work on high-value projects, so any lawsuits relating to these projects can be incredibly costly. As an engineer, of course you do your best to keep your clients satisfied, but they can choose to file a lawsuit if things don't go according to plan. When it comes to engineering, complications are always possible, so you need to protect yourself with liability insurance so that you don't risk losing everything in a legal battle with a disgruntled client. Here are a few examples of how this type of coverage can help you. 

A Client Is Dissatisfied with the Final Results 

After spending months or even years working on a project, you are likely quite proud of the work you have accomplished and are certain that your client will be as well. However, even with detailed discussions with your client throughout the design process, it is still possible for them to not like the results. Whether they simply changed their minds during the process or didn't really have a firm grasp of what they were looking for in the first place, they have the option to sue you if the results aren't what they expected. Professional liability insurance can protect you against frivolous lawsuits based on the changing whims of indecisive clients. 

An Oversight Caused Complications 

No matter how meticulous and careful you are in your work, mistakes are always a possibility. Even tiny errors in blueprints or technical specifications can have disastrous effects on the finished product. This could cause delays in delivering the final project, increases to the project's budget, or even cancellation of the project altogether. If a client sues you for negligence, you need to be prepared to defend yourself, and your liability insurance can help you cover your legal expenses throughout the process. 

Get the Coverage You Need for Your Engineering Business 

Lawsuits in the engineering world can be incredibly costly, and you don't want to put your personal livelihood or your business at risk. The insurance experts here at Southern Colorado Insurance can help you choose an appropriate professional liability policy, as well as any other policies you might need, like homeowners or auto insurance. Get in touch with us today at 719-329-4441 to learn more about your coverage options. We'll be happy to set you up with a policy that meets your needs and fits within your budget.