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Windstorm Damage and Protection

Windstorm damage and protection

By: Mike Huss, Loss Control Supervisor
High velocity winds can damage your business property, including your vehicles, in a matter of minutes. After all, it's impossible to predict the timing, strength and potential damage of any storm.  A few preventive measures, along with windstorm insurance, can help lower the risk of damage to your property and save you money in repairs and lost productivity. 
Roof protection - to ensure your building's roof is protected against wind damage, have it inspected for the following:
Roof sheathing and shingles are secured and meet or exceed local building codes. 
The connection between the roof and walls is tight
HVAC units, skylights and protruding pipes are securely affixed 
Protection for exterior walls and doors - to ensure your building's exterior is protected from wind damage, check the following:
The building is well sealed to prevent wind from entering cracks and crevices
Siding and windows are secured
Entry doors are triple-hinged and secured with a deadbolt lock
Overhead doors are braced sufficiently
Protection for outdoor areas - to ensure the grounds around your property are protected from wind damage, check the following:
Storage sheds and outbuildings are securely anchored
Equipment, inventory and supplies stored outside are anchored or can be easily moved inside
Dumpsters, outdoor lighting fixtures and fencing are secured
Large shrubs and trees close to your building are healthy and pruned
Outdoor signage is anchored and secure, and designed to withstand the weather in your region (check with your agent to see if your sign is included)
Your commercial property insurance covers any damage to your building or other business property caused by a windstorm 
Protection for vehicles and fleets - to ensure company vehicles are protected from wind damage, do the following:
If possible, store vehicles inside a garage or storage building
Never park vehicles under a tree during an approaching storm
If you must park vehicles outdoors, be aware of branches, lampposts and power lines
If a windstorm approaches, consider relocating fleet vehicles


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