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The Growing Threat of Cyber Criminals

As mentioned in our post on identity protection, a lot of businesses in the year of 2013 were forced to make public statements that large numbers of customer’s personal information had been obtained through the infiltration of the company’s systems. As soon as each one of us heard the stories of these companies, we all sat and tried to remember the last time we shopped at that store. You can admit it, we all did.


Hopefully you were not one of those people who had to go through that ordeal. Even if you were not, everyone is being warned about the increasing threat of online safety. Over the past few years, the stories we have heard are about large corporations. However, towards the end of 2013, Advisen, a commercial insurance research and data analytics firm, stated that the year of 2013 was a “cyber tipping-point.”


An article in Insurance Journal explained this announcement from Advisen and explained that the threat of cyber-criminals, as they are called, is now becoming more likely for smaller businesses. Small businesses have the same informations stored in their systems, but not the large amount as corporations. This is no longer a reason for these cyber-criminals to hesitate when it comes to small businesses.


This problem of cyber-threats and the increasing threat for companies of all sizes, has become the focus for risk-management specialists within these companies. Small businesses do not typically have the staff numbers for an on-site risk management specialist and therefore may be at a disadvantage when it comes to learning about ways to help protect their information.


We at Southern Colorado Insurance Center focus on risk-management and Debbie Klisch is certified as a Risk-Management Specialist. If you own or operate a small business, or have any questions related to risk-management or insurance policies of any kind give us a call at (719) 329-4441 or email us youarefirst [at] scicteam [dot] com. To see all of the other services we offer and other ways we can help, visit our website at


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