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Tips for backing up

Good Morning Colorado drivers, please share this with the newly licencsed drivers in your household!

Moving forward, backward, or steering left or right from a stopped position can create an unexpected hazard for both the driver and bystanders. Here are some tips to help create safe backing maneuvers.
Driver tips
To be a defensive driver, you should:
• Walk around the vehicle and look underneath to ensure there is safe clearance before moving a vehicle.
• While walking around, look for any pedestrians that may be in the path of the vehicle. If necessary, let them know you will be backing up.
• Check the blind area on the right and in front of the vehicle.
• Do not delay in moving a vehicle after assuring all is clear. Conditions may change quickly.
• Before you begin backing, adjust mirrors as needed.
• While backing a truck, back up alarms and rear view cameras can be helpful in determining any obstructions in the blind spot behind the truck.
• Use a helper when backing. Keep the spotter visible in the mirror. If they’re not visible—stop

Start slowly at first to allow other vehicles and pedestrians, who may have unexpectedly approached, to safely move away.
• Tap the horn in congested areas or recruit a helper to assist you in backing. This is especially important when maneuvering a truck with large blind spots.
• If possible, do not park the vehicle in a place that requires you to back it out when you leave. Otherwise, choose the least congested area available.
• Never back your vehicle in traffic. If you have missed a turn, turn around, never back up.
• Always be aware of surrounding canopies, building structures, overhangs, and other obstructions that may be of lower elevations than the height of the vehicle


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