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Why You Need Technical Writer Insurance

If you work as a technical writer or manage an agency that employs technical writers, it is crucial that you have technical writer insurance. Because of the specific, detailed nature of technical writing, you could be at risk of getting sued if the information provided in the content you write isn't 100-percent accurate. Even small errors could result in injury or property damage, and the company for which you wrote the content may pass any lawsuits on to you if it gets sued. Here's what you need to know about this type of insurance coverage. 

What Is Technical Writing? 

Technical writing refers to any type of writing that relates to highly specialized information, like instruction manuals for heavy machinery or medical textbooks, for example. In these industries, precision is of the utmost importance, as any errors could have disastrous consequences. In many cases, technical writers are not necessarily experts in the fields about which they write, instead relying on their clients to provide the most detailed, accurate information possible. However, as information is passed from one person to another, there is always the possibility of miscommunication, resulting in errors in the writing. 

How Can Technical Writer Insurance Help? 

In the event that an issue with the content results in injury or damage, the company that provided the content can get sued by the injured party. Rather than tapping into its own insurance policy, the organization may then sue the writer or the agency for which the writer works. For an individual writer, the costs of a major lawsuit could bankrupt them. The same could be said for a small writing agency. Even larger agencies would still feel the effects in their bottom line, possibly resulting in the company having to shut down. 

With technical writer insurance, you can protect yourself or your agency from lawsuits relating to errors or omissions in technical writing. In most cases, these errors are inadvertent, so it is crucial to have this type of coverage to prevent losing everything in the event of a lawsuit. 

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Our insurance specialists can help you find the right technical writer insurance policy to protect your interests. We are experts at what we do and can help you determine the appropriate amount of coverage to provide adequate protection. Get in touch with us today to learn more.