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Insuring Your Landscaping Business

At Southern Colorado Insurance Center we appreciate the hard work your landscaping, lawn-care or gardening business delivers to help both homes and places of business look their best. You and your team can enhance curb appeal and provide that healthy, lush lawn that is manicured with the care given to a Super Bowl field. You take pride in grooming shrubs, and your talents for creating flowerbeds are worthy of magazine covers.

You should be aware that your landscaping business faces unique liability risks. Your equipment might save time and effort, but it has the potential to damage property. High-powered mowers can throw a rock that dings a client’s minivan or can accidentally destroy a favorite hydrangea bush.

Minimizing Risks with Safety Training

You can minimize the risk of accidents by thoroughly training your workers in equipment safety. Other employee safety training should include how to recognize about noxious plants like poison ivy, what to do if they encounter a wild animal, and how to protect themselves during dangerous weather conditions. When your employees work with hazardous chemicals such as insecticides or herbicides, they need to know how to use them safely in order to minimize the chance of danger to pets and people.

Choosing Insurance Products

A typical insurance policy for a landscaping and lawn care business in Colorado can include

Our knowledgeable agents at Southern Colorado Insurance Center are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the insurance coverage that addresses the needs of your Colorado landscaping business. Then you can focus on making local green spaces beautiful and memorable.


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