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Southern Colorado Insurance Center Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

How is My Workers' Compensation Premium Determined?

Your workers’ compensation premium is determined by a formula that has three primary elements: 1. The type of business you have 2. Your business’s history of workplace accidents 3. The total payroll of your business The...

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Construction Bonds

The construction industry is rebounding or possibly the rebound in the construction industry is leading an improving economy This is a good month to look at contractors. Thanks to the improving economy, the construction...

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Flood Insurance - What You Should Know

Lately we have been hearing more and more about the horrors of floods. Locally you probably know someone who has gone through flood damage or someone who has lost a home due to a flood and learned after the fact that...

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Don't Worry So Much About The Monster Under The Bed!

There's something creeping towards all of us! We never quite feel ready for it when it gets here... It raises our blood pressure... It relies on year-long panic of when it comes back... It's....It's...It's TAX TIME! ...

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Avoid Fumbling on Super Bowl Sunday

What team will win the Super Bowl is the question many people are wondering around this time of year. With the game quickly approaching, our own diligent team at Southern Colorado Insurance Center wants to give you a...

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Be the Pinnacle of Health & Wellness This Winter

It goes without saying that keeping yourself and your family healthy through the winter months can be a challenge. When you combine chillier temps, housebound days - not to mention kids passing around colds at school...

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Protect Your Family From the "Silent Killer"

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, invisible gas that results when certain fuels do not burn completely. And it can be deadly. That's why it's important to know how to prevent it, detect it, and protect yourself...

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