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Packing Smart For An RV

No matter how big your RV is, you will likely always be short on space. It's hard to leave anything behind when you're packing up, so consider ways you can pack smart.

1) Compact is king: This one seems obvious, but it's amazing how often this tip is overlooked. The RV is often the recipient of household hand-me-downs, which are usually larger and rarely designed for small spaces. If you're tight on counter space, maybe it's time to upgrade that 1980s 4-slice toaster you've been using for the RV.

2) Compaction is a close second: For compactible items like pillows and heavy jackets, try using compression sacks or vacuum bags. You can easily cut the volume of content in an RV closet in half just by squeezing some of the air out. This is especially a good idea for items you keep on hand just in case, like extra blankets.

3) Multiply your space with multi-purpose items: Choose items for your RV that have multiple uses whenever possible. If you have a coffee maker that dispenses hot water, you can ditch your tea kettle. If you bring a laptop, consider bringing a digital library of DVDs so you won't need the player or discs. Things like this may only save you a few inches, but they can really add up.

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