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What is Med-Pay?

If you are not familiar with insurance terms or the vast complexity of all of the different areas and parts of insurance policies, you may not know what Med-Pay is. Med-Pay is actually very important, especially with Auto insurance policies, and you should know more about it.

Don’t fret, I will explain.

Med-Pay is the term used when talking about “Medical Payments Coverage.” Med-Pay is the part of Auto insurance that covers most medical payments of you and the passengers within your vehicle if they are hurt in an accident.

Med-Pay does not replace or substitute Health Care insurance coverage, however! The required minimum coverage in Colorado is $5,000 which is used to cover the first $5,000 in medical charges. You have the option of buying a higher Med-Pay coverage if your insurance company offers it to help with any medical expenses that may come from automobile accidents.

You also have the right to “opt-out” of paying for this service in your Auto policy but it is not recommended because of the assistance it will offer in worst-case driving scenarios. Remember, you do not have the option to refuse Auto insurance, as it is required by law for all drivers!

If the service Med-Pay offers doesn’t comfort you enough, you should love the fact that here in Colorado Med-Pay is typically included in your Automobile insurance policy. This may not be the case in other states of the U.S. so check with your insurance agent to make sure. If you have more than one vehicle, each policy should include Med-Pay individually.

If you do not know if your policy has Med-Pay, or if you would like to change the amount of Med-Pay your policy covers, contact your insurance agent to find out. If you would like to change your Auto policy, get more information or get a quote give Debbie a call at (719) 329-4441 or email Southern Colorado Insurance Center at youarefirst [at] scicteam [dot] com. To see all of the services SCIC offers or to request an online quote, visit


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