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Southern Colorado Insurance Center Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Construction Defect Claims

Litigation over whether a Commercial General Liability insurance (CGL) policy provides coverage for faulty workmanship claims is rapidly evolving. Since 2012, six state supreme courts (CT, WV, ND, AL, GA, and OH)1 have...

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Top 10 Mistakes Builders make

1. Fail to see a collapse coming. All markets are local, and they all go through an up-and-down cycle, Stephani said. He said builders need to keep tabs of warning signs by monitoring the number of starts in their area,...

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7 Deadly Sins to Car Insurance

As a driver, you can forget about greed and gluttony. Instead, you need to beware of other deadly sins that could mean you'll have a devil of a time when it comes to purchasing auto insurance. If you commit one of these...

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