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Things Every E-Cig Retailer Needs to Know About Insurance

Vaping is big in Colorado. Whether you’ve been blowing smoke for years or just got into the E-cig retail game, you’re likely to make good money with a vape shop. But like every venture, owning and operating a Colorado E-cigarette store comes with risks. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Retailers can be held liable for illness or injuries caused by E-liquid, even though you do not manufacture the product yourself.
  2. Retailers can also be held liable for malfunctions of E-cigarettes and other vaping devices. Without the right insurance coverage, your business could be left holding the bill for property damage or bodily injuries caused by a device you sold.
  3. Healthcare exclusions due to E-cig use can cause issues with finding affordable, effective health insurance for retailers and staff. Through our network of top insurers, Southern Colorado Insurance Center can help you navigate this concern.
  4. It may be difficult to find other affordable employee benefits due to the nature of your retail business, which makes assistance from an experienced, established insurance agency a top priority for your corporate success.
  5. If you choose to carry cannabis products at your Colorado vape store, you need to carry insurance coverage specific to the cannabis industry.
  6. Your E-cig shop may be legally required to carry pollution liability coverage.
  7. Like other retailers, you and your customers face serious risks of data and identity theft, but the right risk-management program coupled with cyber liability insurance can help keep you, your employees and your customers safe.

You’re an entrepreneur because you have a passion you want to share with your community. Don’t let the boring details of insurance or fear of a lawsuit dampen your spirits. Contact Southern Colorado Insurance Center today to learn how we can help you protect your vaping business.


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