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Important Insurance Coverage Concerns for Home Healthcare Facilities

Rather than moving into residential care facilities, many seniors and people with chronic illnesses prefer to utilize home healthcare services. These types of services enable them to remain in their own homes while receiving treatment, whether on a temporary or ongoing basis. If you manage this type of service provider, you'll need to have appropriate insurance coverage in place for your protection. Southern Colorado Insurance Center can help make sure your policy includes the right amount of coverage. 

Professional Liability Coverage 

As you will be providing medical services for your patients, you'll need to have protection in place in case of malpractice lawsuits. Even if your doctors and nurses are incredibly careful, there is always the possibility that something could go wrong, potentially resulting in a lawsuit. Legal battles can be incredibly costly, so you'll need this protection in place so you don't risk losing your business. 

Coverage for Patients' Homes 

When moving medical equipment in and out of patients' homes, there is a chance that your staff could cause damage to the person's home or belongings. This component of coverage will help cover the cost of repair or replacement, and it will also give your patients confidence that you care not just about them but about their homes as well. 

Equipment Coverage 

Medical equipment is often very expensive, and you'll need to be covered in case your equipment sustains any damage while in a patient's home or in transit to and from. This way, you'll be able to fund repairing or replacing the damaged equipment as quickly as possible so that it doesn't impact your ability to continuously provide services. 

Umbrella Coverage 

Umbrella coverage, also called comprehensive coverage, will fill in any gaps left by other areas of your policy. It can also provide coverage if your limits in a particular area are not high enough to cover a particular case. Think of this coverage as added peace of mind that you will be protected in all scenarios. 

Start Designing Your Insurance Policy Today 

Your home healthcare business is unlike any other, and your insurance policy will need to reflect that. At Southern Colorado Insurance Center, we'll help tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. Our partnerships with a wide range of insurance providers enable us to find the perfect policy for your organization to cover exactly what you need. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our services and get started.