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How to Host a Safe Summertime Celebration

How to Host a Safe Summertime Celebration

What's at Stake?
It's summer and the Fourth of July is right around the corner! Time for the backyard barbecue, fireworks and fun in the sun. If you're planning to host a day of summertime activities, remember to work a little safety into the event, too.
Handle Fireworks Safely
Fireworks are safer than they used to be, but every year serious injuries do still occur. If fireworks are part of your celebration plans, follow these guidelines: Read and follow directions carefully, only ingite fireworks outdoors in a well-cleared area, have a responsible adult supervising all fireworks activity, light fireworks one item at a time, and have a bucket of water available to douse used fireworks.
Be Water Wise
Children, summer and water are a happy trio, but this trio can also be a deadly combination. If there's a body of water (swimming or wading pool, lake, ocean or river) nearby that children will be playing in, then you must:
• Establish and enforce water safety rules.
• Make sure a responsible adult is present when children are in or near the water.
• Have reaching and throwing water safety aids handy.
• Have a first aid kit handy.
Happy Celebrating!


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