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Southern Colorado Insurance Center Blog

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Attention Business owners

Ask yourself, "Do I have customers or do I have advocates?" Let's chat about the difference..

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Nonrenewal turns around

Sandy and Bob with Cascade Escapes referred their friends Debbie and Brian to Southern Colorado Insurance Center. Thank you! Debbie and Brian were being NONRENEWED by their insurance company of 8 years. Unfortunately we...

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Texting while driving hits a new low! Must see the picture

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to text while behind the wheel of a moving car. This guy has upped the ante by taking his hands off the handlebars of his motorbike while texting! This biker is traveling at between 50...

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Crushing Cave-in traps worker

Southern Colorado Insurance is your partner in being Safe and smart. To the Excavation contractors here at SCIC and thoughout Colorado... Safety Smart shared this experience "The sight was enough to make three grown men...

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When the Kids Head for College, Put “Insurance 101" on Your Class List

It's an exciting time when your child heads off to college. Whether they're attending school in Colorado or have moved all the way across the country, there were a ton of things to get done last month, but did you...

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