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How many parents out there have gone into a child care center or daycare and taken the tours offered? If you have looked into child care you should have raised your hand. There is a lot to learn about child care centers and daycare centers on these tours and this is the most opportune time to ask all of the questions you have for them.

One of these questions should be about Medication Administration training. What is Medication Administration training you ask? I’m so glad you asked!

Medication Administration training is a certification that all licensed child care providers are required to have in order to give any child in their care medication. Some of the approved Med Admin training were developed and are maintained by Healthy Child Care Colorado (HCCC) which maintains the health and wellness of everyone in child care centers.

There are a couple of training classes that providers can get certified through and many are in connection with corporate child care centers to keep everyone up to date. Here is a link to one certification provided by Qualistar to give you more information about what it is and why it should be something you ask them about.

Providers that are certified have strict guidelines to administer medication to your children and are required to keep documentation of all medications, amounts, times and notes when it is given.

Some questions you can ask the providers you interview to look after your child are:

  • Do you have any teachers and/or managers that are certified in medication administration?

  • How many people in your building are certified in medication administration?

  • Can I see the documentation you will use if you need to administer medication to my child at any time?

  • What do I need to keep your documents up to date in case my child needs any medication? (They should reply with a doctor’s note, the original prescription bottle with the medication in it, and any other paperwork they will need for their specific center)

Parents, administrating medication can possibly be one of the most important tasks of your childs care!  At Southern Colorado Insurance Center your family’s protection is our responsibility just as your Daycare provider has the responsibility of your child’s safety, call us for information on how we can assure you the protection of your home and auto

Call Debbie Klisch at 719-329-4441, if you time is restricted email debbie [at] scicteam [dot] com

You won’t regret taking the time to talk with her!


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