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Awareness of Holiday Dangers

It's April already! That means that the warm weather and holidays are headed our way. With Easter coming up and Memorial Day after that, we can only imagine what fun plans and BBQ's you are planning for your family!...

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Spring Time Means Local Wildlife

Spring has sprung! Yesterday was the first day of Spring and here in Colorado Springs that means that the wildlife has already started to explore the area. These animals include: bears, mountain lions, foxes, snakes,...

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One Family’s Tragedy is a Reminder to Us All

When I was being taught how to drive, I was given the ABC's of getting started. I don't mean the how-to's or the what-to-do's, I mean the actual ABC: A - Always Adjust for safety B - Buckle your seatbelt C - Check...

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One of Your Hobbies Could Turn Out to be a Liability!

Many people (including us) have started if not kept up with blogging for years. Some have started their own, personal blogs; others use it to keep people up to date about their business and the trends of their...

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I Would Like to Introduce You to...

Anyone who has worked in child care of any kind knows that there will be a turnover on the children that are enrolled. Even if you haven't worked in child care, your child's class ever seems to stay the same does it? ...

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Exceed the Expectations (Or at Least Be Ready For Them)

Valentine's Day is approaching quicker than anyone is willing to admit. Hopefully you and your significant other have some special plans (or surprises) in the works for each other. We at Southern Colorado Insurance...

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Insurance Isn't Always Enough

It's 7:30 on a Monday morning. You wake up, start your coffee maker and notice that it's snowing outside. You get ready as usual, you make sure your insurance is up to date (as I'm sure we all do early Monday mornings)...

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