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Do You Need International Car Insurance?

With summer coming up on all of us so quickly, some of you might be planning your family vacations already. Kudos for you for planning ahead! Vacations can be expensive and starting a budget plan early in the year can...

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Another Bonus to Monitoring Your Driving Habits

We have all seen the commercials with the spokesperson trying to influence others to try a little white click-in box to monitor your driving habits. These boxes are becoming more and more popular with some Auto...

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Don't Rely on Luck!

Check out these facts about Colorado residents on St. Patrick's Day! In 2012, there were 424 arrests and four deaths throughout the state of Colorado because of drunk driving on St. Patrick's Day alone The cost of a cab...

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Insurance Isn't Always Enough

It's 7:30 on a Monday morning. You wake up, start your coffee maker and notice that it's snowing outside. You get ready as usual, you make sure your insurance is up to date (as I'm sure we all do early Monday mornings)...

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