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Office Insurance

from Southern Colorado Insurance Center

Office Insurance

If you are running your business from a commercial space, it is vital that you buy office insurance.

Office insurance is a type of business insurance designed specifically for office spaces. It shields your business from liability claims, theft, and property damage.

Who Needs Office Insurance

Office insurance is geared towards a host of business spaces such as:

  • Law office
  • Accounting and bookkeeping office
  • Healthcare clinic
  • Veterinary clinic
  • Architectural office
  • Consulting business office
  • Real estate office
  • Dental clinic
  • Doctor’s clinic
  • Graphic design office
  • Other business offices

What Office Insurance Covers

No matter which industry you fall under, the importance of office insurance cannot be stressed enough, especially if you operate as a small business in Colorado. Of course, you may have already understood that nothing can ruin your business (and your financial health) quicker than an unexpected mishap.

A good office insurance policy provides coverage for your professional office and its contents, your employees and customers, and costs when you halt operations temporarily.

Business property insurance

Unforeseen incidents can seriously impact your finances. This policy handles all the expenses required in the repair of your office or the replacement of damaged equipment, fixtures, and furniture.

Business liability insurance

Trips, slips, and falls do happen within office premises. In the event you encounter one of these risks and it results in injuries or damage to a client’s personal property, business liability coverage reimburses all the associated expenses.

Business interruption insurance

Natural disasters or other unexpected events can bring your practice to a halt. If you need to temporarily close your office due to property damage or loss, this coverage replaces lost income. It covers rent, wages, overheads, and other expenses as well.

Office contents insurance

Under this policy, office contents such as furniture, gadgets, company records, and computers are insulated against theft, loss, or damage.

Workers’ compensation insurance

This pays for the medical bills of your employees injured in the course of doing their job. This also covers lawsuits filed by your current or former staff.

Business crime insurance

Losses due to employee fraud, theft, forgery, or robbery are taken care of by this specific policy.

We Provide Personalized Coverage for Colorado Offices

Are you shopping for office coverage or do you want to update your existing policy?

As independent agents, we have links to various insurers who specialize in office insurance. Whatever your requirements are, we will help you find the policy that fits your business to a tee.